Professional Ghostwriting and Copywriting Services

Are you looking for someone to turn complex topics into easy-to-understand ideas? Do you have a story you want to tell, but don’t have the time to tell it? Do you have an active imagination but not sure how to get it onto paper? Perhaps English isn’t your first language, but the story you want to write is in English. We'd love to chat more on how we could help you! Get in touch with us below or request a free quote on our page.

Whether you need to impress people or inform them, move them to action or move them to tears, or simply tell your story, you can count on our team to bring it to life for you. We take the time to understand exactly what you need and deliver it in an effective and professional manner. Our only goal is to help you achieve your goals, and we will give you our full, personal attention to bring your story to life.

Meet Lisa

"You should write a book!" someone said. I smiled, and thought, I have! My name isn't on the cover, nor will it ever be, but I have the distinct joy of knowing someone got to tell their story, sell their product, or educate the public. Think eBooks, blogs, and full-length nonfiction (i.e. Marketing books) to novels.

Has someone ever suggested you should write a book? You want to, but don't have time to write. Or don't think you're a writer. What if you could have your cake and eat it, too? You can!

As a Ghostwriter, I can help. Much like an Executive Assistant is to a CEO, a Ghostwriter is to, well, a CEO. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be a CEO to need or want a Ghostwriter.


Some of my past projects have included:

  • eBooks for a Diary Planning Company
  • Blog posts for a wide range of industries
  • Nonfiction Marketing Book
    Sections of an Artisanal Food Guide
  • Full-Length Travel Food Guide
    Book Series - action/adventure and paranormal romance

My own works include:

  • Articles on Medium, Elephant Journal, and occasionally, LinkedIn
  • Bi-Weekly blog posts from my own site
  • Self-published romance and a co-authored textbook-like tale of Speaking in Strings

What do you want to write today?

For a complete list of services & prices or for general inquiries, get in touch with us here.