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Keep visitors coming back with fresh, SEO friendly copy.

From $50 - $250/piece.

Proofreading & Editing

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University Writing Lab

Not getting the help you need from your University writing center?

Consultation & Coaching from $25

Business English Conversation and Writing Practice

Available by Skype or in-person

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Needing your calls and interviews converted into text?

Sandi Vorster- Professional Transcription Service

  • Hourly Rate - $15/hour *(30min call = 4 hours transcription time)
  • Transcription Saver Bundle - $220 for 2 hours worth of calls/recordings (16 hours of transcription time)



Looking to improve your online presence?

Rachel Barber - Digital Media Specialist

  • Social Media Audit (Evaluate & optimize profiles and strategies) - $35 per profile // $120 for 4
  • Website Setup & Design (relevant copy and images to be provided) - full site starting from just $180
  • Graphic/Image design (For Social Media/Blog posts, Digital ads etc.) - from $60 (for 5 graphics)

Writing in the Fast Lane - Price List

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